Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ramona, on the Afterlife

Ramona: Y'know, Mommy, I kind of can't wait for Heaven.

Me: I know, sweetie. Me, too.

Ramona: I mean, things are pretty good here, but there ... well, there it's gonna be like living in a dollhouse, and chocolate rivers, and things like that.


tanita davis said...

:) ...and sliding down giraffe's necks, and...

...and by the time we get there, we're really understand that here wasn't much at all. :)

Emily said...

Sort of like Willie Wonka? :)I LOVE this girl!

Karen E. said...

Yes! God-as-Willie-Wonka! That was my thought, too, Emily. :)

I'll meet you by the giraffes, Tanita. :)