Friday, September 10, 2010

Poetry Friday

Ramona announced to me the other day that she'd like to memorize another Emily Dickinson poem.  Last year, she was smitten with I'm Nobody, Who Are You? Today it's The Moon. The whole poem is below, but it's much lovelier when paired with a photograph at Daily Dickinson.

The moon was but a chin of gold
A night or two ago,
And now she turns her perfect face
Upon the world below.

Her forehead is of amplest blond;
Her cheek like beryl stone;
Her eye unto the summer dew
The likest I have known.

Her lips of amber never part;
But what must be the smile
Upon her friend she could bestow
Were such her silver will!

And what a privilege to be
But the remotest star!
For certainly her way might pass
Beside your twinkling door.

Her bonnet is the firmament,
The universe her shoe,
The stars the trinkets at her belt,
Her dimities of blue.

For a peek into our past encounters with Emily, and for more ideas on sharing poetry with children, see the article Home Appreciation, by Susan Thomsen at The Poetry Foundation.

The Poetry Friday round up is being hosted today at  Picture Book of the Day.


jama said...

Love this one. Also love imagining Ramona reciting it by heart ♥!

Ruth said...

Lovely. I'm always discovering new Dickinson poems!

Tabatha said...

How nice that there's a place you can get your "Daily Dickinson"!

Good luck with your memorization, Ramona!

Mary Lee said...

Thanks for the link to Susan's article! Somehow I missed that one!! Fun to see how far Ramona's come with Emily D.!!

Karen E. said...

Thanks, everyone! And, Mary Lee, the little one mentioned in the article is my now-14 year old! :) Love of Emily runs in the family.

Susan T. said...

Karen, it's such fun that your girls are so poetically inclined. I live only two hours away from Amherst, Mass., and keep talking about a trip there to see Emily's house and the Eric Carle Museum.

Thanks for the mention of the Poetry Foundation article; I really enjoyed writing that one and getting to talk/email with everyone.

Skysaw said...

I suspect, sadly, that Ramona is already more literate at age 8 than I am at age 39. :-(

BTW, speaking of becoming literate, what ever happened to that reading list from you and Atticus that he said you all would make for me? Or did he conveniently forget to mention that to you? ;-)

Karen E. said...

Yikes, Skysaw, we are slugs! :/ He did tell me, but sadly ... we are slugs.

I'll get to work. :)