Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Serving up an original bread poem ...

... at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup today.  Jama is celebrating National Poetry Month in her inimitable style.

There are some bloggers who put me to shame.

All too often, I throw a post up at the last minute -- like a mother who, rather than lovingly planning a nutritious meal grabs a frozen pizza (oh, wait, I'm not like that mother -- I am that mother.)  Jama, on the other hand, plans her word-and-picture feasts (and I would love to head over to her house for dinner.)  She is an amazing hostess, a stunning cook, an enviable entertainer.  With a careful eye and a sharp sense of style, she preps and tends her creations and then wows us with a sumptuous feast of a post.

All she asked of me was that I write a poem for her April Poetry Potluck series, and that I include a recipe. I complied, submitting a poem about Atticus, bread, and marriage, along with the bread recipe. Jama took these raw ingredients and turned a dish into a banquet, as is her way.

My poem, Sustenance, is here.

And you can find all of the posts in Jama's 2010 Poetry Potluck series here.


tanita davis said...

It's a gorgeous poem - I love how you constantly give thanks for the beauty of your marriage, in various essays and poems and general comments about the Awesome that is Atticus. That's really neat.

Karen E. said...

Thank you, Tanita.

"The Awesome that is Atticus" -- I love it. :) So true! I don't deserve him, but I'm really glad I have him.