Monday, March 22, 2010

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

On Friday evening, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, we had a lovely (meat-filled) feast with some friends. One of our priests comes from a Sicilian-tradition-packed family and he cooked for us. Having the Solemnity of St. Joseph fall on a Friday in Lent is a treat.


There's one more Solemnity to come -- don't forget that Thursday the 25th is the Solemnity of the Annunciation.


Reading the Little House books to Ramona has been delightful, of course. We're doing all the homeschooly things one associates with Little House: making butter, making dolls, sewing.

But also fun is to re-experience them with my older girls, who are listening in on the lunchtime readings. They're so funny:

When we were reading The Long Winter, at one point Ma says to Charles, "Oh, Charles, I should have known you'd provide for us. How did you do it?"

Anne-with-an-e, in her best Charles voice, replied, "I sold my hair, Caroline."

When Ma was, in her subtle way, telling Pa to stop singing such a sad song, Anne interpreted for us: "Knock it off, Chuck."

In another section, which I probably don't need to describe in order for this to be amusing, she said of Ma, "She won't let Pa sing a heathen song about good luck charms, but she jokes about spouse abuse?  Sheesh." 

It's just, you know, a little different perspective. 



Last week, when we had a warm, sunny day, Ramona got on the swings and I thought she would never get off. I pushed, she soared, and when a school bus rolled by on the highway, she said, "Oh, poor them! I loooove the homeschooling life!"


We are committed. We decided to stop renting Betsy's violin and instead to buy it, thus taking advantage of the "apply the first six months of rent to the purchase" policy. I love our violin teacher, I love the instrument she found for Betsy, I loved the price and I love that my daughter is learning to play Bach. I love that she loves it all. 



Jennifer said...

Oooh, I love the violin. How wonderful! We're rererereading Little House too. I can't seem to keep my opinions about "Chuck" to myself.

sarah said...

These bit and pieces posts are so lovely. It's great news about the violin! And I loved the Little House commentary. Caroline always used to get on my nerves a tiny bit, although I couldn't tell you exactly why.

Karen E. said...

Jenn, we were also exasperated with Pa for eating pancakes with the Wilder boys while the family was at home starving. :)

Sarah, thank you!