Sunday, February 14, 2010

Win a copy of the Rosary book -- on the radio Monday morning

I'll be chatting with Roxane Salonen at 9:30 a.m. (central time) Monday morning.

Roxane is a writer and a mom of five who blogs at Peace Garden Mama. She also hosts a show on Real Presence Radio, and you can click over there to listen to the interview live over the internet.

Roxane is planning to give away a copy of my Rosary book during the show. I'm looking forward to our chat!


Rochelle said...

I already have the book, and I love it. That's how I discovered this blog.

Karen E. said...

Thank you, Rochelle!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Karen, thanks for the lovely interview today! It was so fun hearing your voice -- it is a very nice voice indeed. :)

Karen E. said...

Thanks, Roxane, and thanks for a delightful chat today! You're a terrific interviewer -- you really make it easy and keep the conversation moving. And congrats to Jennifer in Minnesota who won the free book!