Friday, February 19, 2010

Poetry Friday: I Got Nothin'

Here we are. The first Friday in Lent. And apparently, I gave up Poetry Friday for Lent, because I didn't participate today. 

I must confess: I forgot and/or I did not have time to get a post done. However, I got four loads of laundry done, and I dried them in my new dryer.  Also, the cat has clean litter boxes (yes, it's true: One cat. Two litter boxes. Don't. Ask.)  And the hamster's cage no longer reeks. And the Hogwarts scarf I was knitting is now finished (I'll post a picture tomorrow, for those who knit or love Harry.)

However, even though I missed the poetic fun, I'll still tell you where today's Poetry Friday get-together was: Live. Laugh. Explore! has the goods.

And the opener is really good. Billy Collins. On Turning Ten.

One of my all-time Billy favorites.

And Irene is seeing him tonight.

Lucky Irene. 

And lucky me. Because my clothes are dry, my pets don't stink, and I'm well past the heart-wrenching age of ten. 

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Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see your scarf! I knit AND love Harry.