Tuesday, January 05, 2010

School-y Ramona

I'm the Unschooly Mom, right?

But, Ramona is this kind of child:  a couple of months ago, she said, "Mommy, please write a 'state of the day' on the board every day. Then, I'll learn about that state that day. I'd like to do it everyday. Okay?"

Ummm ... okay. 

And, in the last two days, I've heard this:

Ramona:  Mommy, I miss school.

Ramona: Mommy, when will we do some more school?

Ramona: Mommy, I like math.

Ramona: Mommy, I love school. I'm so happy I'm homeschooled.

Ramona: Mommy, when does school start?


Unschooliness -- for me -- mostly means that I follow their lead in a number of ways and areas.

So. I'd better go map out the next few days and their states.

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Faith said...

I've got kids like that!