Friday, January 29, 2010

Poetry Friday: One Leaf Rides the Wind


One Leaf Rides the Wind by Celeste Davidson Mannis, with Susan Kathleen Hartung's gorgeous illustrations, has captured Ramona's fancy.

We were at the library and the cover caught my eye. Did you click over? Isn't it lovely?  The illustrator has a wonderful website -- go ahead and tour her studio (I'll wait until you're back) and take a look at how helpful she is.

One Leaf Rides the Wind is called a counting book for ages 4-8, but I'm going to call it a treasure for Ramona and me. Each page of counting includes a haiku and a visual treat.  

This one is going on my list: 

Books Ramona loves
Tucked away for her birthday
Delight awaits her.


Anastasia Suen is hosting the Poetry Friday round up today.


jama said...

What a lovely book! How did I miss it? Thanks for featuring it today, Karen!

Melanie B said...

Oooh pretty! Now through the wonders of the internet on its way to my local library.

Mary Lee said...

The book sounds great, but truly, my favorite thing was the tour of her studio! I love seeing how/where others work!!!