Monday, December 07, 2009

How to Make Me Cry

1. Be my child.
2. Be so lovable that I think I'll burst about 90% of the time. 
3. Be almost grown up, say, oh, 13 and 16.
4. Help me decorate the Christmas tree.
5. Leave the room before I find the cardboard and Cheerio wreath, and the popsicle stick star, laden with glitter.
6. Be busy elsewhere in the house while I tear up and wonder how motherhood can move at the speed of light. 
7. You're done. Mission accomplished.


Love2Learn Mom said...



Warren said...

Isn't it by recognizing beauty, isn't it in the heart, that we recognize the presence of God's grace, and God's gifts?

His beauty is like the pillar of fire, that guides his people.


Karen said...

*Tears* It does go so quickly. What a lovely fragment of your day to share with us.

Pat Gohn said...

*sniff!* Linking to your marvelous little post.