Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Different Kind of Rose from St. Therese?

You tell me.

This morning, I got out an old book, a little novena booklet called Welcome, Jesus: A First Communion Preparation. Ramona, you see, is preparing for her First Holy Communion, and I wanted to use this book with her, just as I'd used it with Betsy. 

This got Betsy reminiscing this morning. "I loved that little book," she said. "I took it with me to Mass  for the longest time. I used it for the 'Prayer Before Holy Communion' and for the 'Prayer After Communion' every week. But, the 'After Communion' page got torn out and lost a long time ago. Where did it ever go, I wonder?"

We all wondered. Was it with our other First Holy Communion materials? No. I looked at them this morning, and it was not there. We talked about the Anima Christi and what a beautiful post-Communion prayer that one is, and then we recited it together.  I also made a mental note to add either the Anima Christi or another suitable prayer for Ramona to the back of this well worn, well loved little booklet.

Then, we left the house and we were gone all day with activities, returning at about 5:15. I unloaded some groceries, and walked over to the computer.  And, do you know what was lying on the floor next to the computer?

The missing page from the book.  Here's a picture I snapped of it:

I assure you I have no idea how it got there, or where it's been for the last several years.

But, I do know that I will be adding it back into the very special, very sweet, and now never-forgotten little book, "Welcome, Jesus."


Sarah - Kala said...

I love these hugs from God and His Saints!

Swift said...

Saint Anthony has obviously been busy...