Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet Me at Faith and Family Live Today

I'm at Faith and Family today, talking about "Dying to My Not So Crafty Self -- Lessons in Tacky Glue" (which could also be subtitled "Confessions of a Mom Who Avoided Glue Guns Until 2005.")

You can find the article here.

And, if you can relate, let me know. I always enjoy hearing from other moms who have dealt with chronic craft fear. The good news is, there's help. You, too, can reach that place wherein you drop phrases like, "So, I was threading the sewing machine the other day," and no one will suspect that you once broke out at the sight of bobbins.


The Bookworm said...

When dh was between jobs many years ago he spent some time as a volunteer helper in our local school. They once gave him a glue gun. Let's just say it was not his finest hour.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Karen, just wanted you to know that you indirectly helped me figure out a little "bug" at Faith & Family Live. Last time you posted that you had an article there, I thought "how weird, it didn't show up in my reader." Then I saw a link to another article there that wasn't in my reader, either, and finally put two and two together that the feature articles weren't getting put out in the feeds (or whatever the lingo is). An e-mail and a few days later and now we're getting all the good stuff! Hooray!

Sarah Reinhard said...

Oh, I relate.

Love reading about everyone's cute little crafts, but...let's just say I have enough trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Thankfully, in our first year of homeschooling this year, we're cooperating with a friend who's really artsy-craftsy. :)