Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ramona: The Next Food Network Star?

Ramona was playing in the bathtub and she showed me what she had created with a washcloth:

"This, Mommy, is salmon. A perfectly cooked piece of salmon."

I thought back to the other day when we played together with her pattern blocks. We pretended they were food and we each created three dishes for the judges in a cooking competition.

"I think," I said, "that I need to teach you to cook! You love to cook, don't you?"

"I love to pretend to cook," she said. "And now, I'm going to plate this salmon."


Pretend cooking.

It's actually my favorite kind, too.

I'm off to plate some Legos.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Thanks for the smile, Sweetie. I needed that today.

Anonymous said...

Oh my how cute! I can so relate. My 5 yr. old told me last week at mass that he wanted to serve on the altar . . . and be the next Food Network star!

Theresa said...

LOL! That's actually pretty much what I do every night--pretend cooking.I don't think the current Food Network stars have anything to fear from me.

Jennifer said...

I used the word plate as a verb just last week. It was a frightening moment for me.

Liz said...

Currently, I too would rather read about cooking or watch TV shows about cooking than actually cook. It may have to do with the fact that I'm trying to lose a few pounds, or it may just be cooking boredom...Anyway, don't tell my family, though they may have guessed.