Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

Softball is done! Betsy's team almost won the championship last night, but the opposition squeaked by in the end, 14-13. I'm proud of my girl for having the spunk and courage to try softball for the first time in her life at age 13.


My friend Paula was in town last week. Paula moved to Chicago a few years ago, proving my theory that if I love you, you will move away. Paula and I share in common being "mature" moms of little girls. Paula's little sweetie accompanied us last week for swimming, horseback riding, plenty of playtime and a sleepover with Ramona when Paula joined the older girls and me for the midnight HP movie.


We have another very busy week coming up, so I'll be quiet here for the next few days. On tap today? Plenty of errands, chores and getting our money drain cat to the vet. At least he provides Anne-with-an-e material for her vet science projects for 4-H.



Did you notice in that first bit that Betsy is 13? She turned 13 in June, and she has grown into such a beautiful young lady that she some days breaks my heart. She joins her sister, Anne, in that way. These teenagers are a delight to me. New challenges all the time, yes, but delights abound. I love these girls so much that I might explode.

And, adding to the summer birthday fun is Ramona ... turning seven this week. She was three years old when I started this blog in the fall of 2005. Yikes.

The times they are-a-changin'.


Jennifer said...

I'm so interested in 4-H after reading about how your girls do it. It sounds wonderful. And Ramona cannot be older than four. That's my final word on this subject.

Karen E. said...

Jenn, I have been meaning to post more about 4-H since you last asked about it. I really will. Really, really. :) Or, just start asking me specific questions.

And you're right. Ramona is NOT older than four. Never, never, never.

The Bookworm said...

Ramona. Can. Not. Be. Seven. Do you know, I think Anne-with-an-E must have been about that age when we first met online. Where does the time go?