Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Quote for Every Housewife I Know

(and for everyone who knows a housewife):

"You are no ordinary housewife, Signora Benedetti."

She looked at him.

"Professore Schafer, I am of the opinion that when one gets to know a housewife, any housewife, one finds that she is never ordinary."

~~ from Father Elijah, by Michael O'Brien


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


Beck said...

Michael O'Brien lives in the same little city that we did when I had The Girl, I think!

Terrific quote.

Mack Hall said...

I just finished O'Brien's ISLAND OF THE WORLD. First rate!

Mark said...

So very true!

Amanda & Brian said...

Love it!

Sarah Reinhard said...

You know, I have this book sitting on my library book shelf. Just HAD to get it after you called it the best book you've read (or one of your favorite books, or SOMETHING with an "st" ending!). So I'll be reading it soon (and likely thanking you) :)