Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grammar with Ramona

Awhile back, I was tucking Ramona into bed. We could hear her sisters giggling in the next room, as they settled in for popcorn and a movie.

Ramona sighed. "I wish I were they," she said.

I did a double-take. "Did you say, 'I wish I were they'?" I asked.

She became self-conscious. "Is that right?" she asked me. "Is that good grammar to say 'I wish I were they'?"

"Yes, sweetie," I said, "It's right. It's excellent. No problem."

She smiled serenely and snuggled down into the covers. "Well, I do wish I were they. They get to watch a movie. And I have to go to sleep."

And fall asleep she did, all the while wishing she were they.