Monday, September 15, 2008

More fun book arrivals

I've found plenty on our shelves, but I have been busy with some book-orders, too ....

Thanks to the ever-resourceful and helpful Theresa at LaPaz, I found out about these record-keeping notebooks from the Notgrass Company. They could be used as planners, but for us (just as for the LaPaz gang) they'll work beautifully as an "after the fact" record of all that we're doing, reading, studying, and stumbling upon. I love the many categories, which include, as noted on the Notgrass website:

* Spiritual Life: Bible Study, Worship, and Christian Fellowship
* Learning to Work: Chores, Service, and Life Skills
* Relating to Others: Character and Relationships
* Learning About God's Creation: Science and Technology
* Learning About People and Places: Geography, Government, and Foreign Language
* Learning About the Events and People of the Past: History and Biography
* Learning About the Thoughts of Others: Reading and Literature
* Being Creative: Art, Crafts, Music, Drama, and Other Creative Activities
* Learning to Communicate: Letter Writing, Grammar, Handwriting, Creative Writing, and Journaling
* Caring for My Body: Exercise, Sports, and Health
* Learning Math, Problem Solving, and Thinking Skills.
I've always ordered the handy Living is Learning Curriculum Guides from FUN Books each year. Now that Anne-with-an-e is in high school (egads ... can it be true?), my set is complete. The 9th-12th grade edition has lists of and ideas for subjects and projects to cover in high school, suggestions for resources and real life applications, and forms for record keeping.

FUN Books was also my resource for some audio versions of Romeo and Juliet, and Shakespeare for Children by Jim Weiss.


Friends Lissa at Here in the Bonny Glen, and Faith of Two Thirds Unschooling and Dumb Ox Academy, both of whom are logical sorts of women, led me to detect and then order The Fallacy Detective.


Betsy specifically requested that I order D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths. I last ordered this book in July of 2004 (I know this because Amazon tracks my every move. Hey, Amazon ... how many chocolate chip cookies did I eat tonight?) We attempted to study Greek mythology that year, but my then-delicate daughters were so thoroughly disgusted, grossed-out, nauseated and otherwise repulsed by the first couple of stories that they couldn't bear to go on.

Clearly, we've grown less delicate in four years' time. The gross-out should arrive via UPS any day now.

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