Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bookish meandering

Melissa Wiley is taking you on a virtual tour of her bookshelves. The Bookworm is following suit.


I'm lamenting the fact that we don't have enough bookshelves. I desperately need to buy some more. I shopped a little the other day for some, but what I really want is for St. Joseph to miraculously appear on my doorstep and construct entire walls of built-ins for me. I don't really think my shelf dilemma qualifies for a miracle on the level of the staircase of Loretto, but I can dream, can't I?

I mean, things are starting to pile up.

(Starting to? Oh, who am I kidding? Books have always lived in piles in this home.)

The latest additions to arrive (oh, how I love to get new books!):

Mike Venezia's Bach(we lurve Mike Venezia in this under-shelved house.)

Janice Van Cleave's Chemistry for Every Kid

And now, Ramona has requested her own grammar book. Yesterday, when I called Anne and Betsy to the kitchen table with, "C'mon, girls, we have some grammar stuff I want to talk to you about," Ramona came running, too.

"Oh, Mommy," she said, "can I do grammar? I was going to play Webkinz, but can I do grammar instead?"

This 6-year-old is horrifying her unschoolish mother with her love of workbooks. I ought to deliver a stern lecture about how most children would beg to be excused from grammar, and that she should go turn her brain to mush on the computer. But, nooooo. I promised her that she could have her very own grammar workbook if that's what she really wanted.

In the meantime, our Mad Libscollection will have to do.


nutmeg said...

We've done madlibs for grammar for years! Except this year, when my 5th grader really needs to know subject/predicate... I thought I should get on the ball.
We still love madlibs, though.

Jennifer said...

It's the same story here on the bookshelves. Which leads to things being a bit disorganized. Not that that ever bothers me or causes huge paperwork problems.
I've never done Madlibs with the children. That would be so much fun. Great idea.