Friday, July 11, 2008

Poetry Friday: Sending you to Jama and Paul and Art and Sara

As much as I love Poetry Friday, sometimes it's just too big for me. I can't make it to every fabulous blog and every great poem, so, occasionally, I just want to point you to someone else's blog and say, "Look! Look!"

I'm doing that this week with a couple of my favorite Poetry Friday places to visit.

When I was in my twenties (or was it my thirties? or both?) I used to tell Atticus that, rather than "all-news-all-the-time" radio stations, the world needed a Simon and Garfunkel radio station. All Simon and Garfunkel, all the time. I mean, really. Who doesn't need that?

So it was with delight that I read Jama Rattigan's Poetry Friday post this morning. She has a delightful poem by Kevin McFadden about my own personal dynamic duo. And, check out her past post on Mother and Child reunion, which includes a great recipe (as so many of Jama's posts do.)

Food, books and poetry, and Paul and Art. Jama's got it all.


I never fail, on a Poetry Friday, to find something interesting at Read, Write, Believe. (Okay, okay, except this week. She's not there. She's on vacation. But you can stop in and wish her a happy blogversary anyway.) Sara Lewis Holmes is the author of Letters from Rapunzel, which inspired my Anne-with-an-e to start writing some epistolary stories (and don't you love the way that simply reading, reading, reading leads to kids learning such terms?)

Sara's Poetry Friday posts are original, fun and funny, and full of good links, but my favorites are always her original poems. Here's an example of a spare and beautiful poem about a miscarriage. Decidedly not funny. Decidedly poignant. Decidedly poetry.

Lisa Chellman, at Under the Covers, has the round up today.

And, to find out more about Poetry Friday, see this post.


writer2b said...

What a great idea! I heartily agree with your recommendations here. :-)

jama said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Karen!! I'm overwhelmed and honored at the mention. And I totally agree with your feelings about Sara's original poems. How does she do it? I'm always awestruck.

Mary Lee said...

Jama and Sara are two of my favorites, too. But so are you, and that's why I stopped by!