Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ramona, the Chocolate-Loving Writer

Her latest nuggets:


Ramona was looking over my shoulder as I created a blog widget that lists our favorite history books. She read the words, "If all the swords in England" and promptly composed a little poem:

If all the swords in England
flew at you
Do you think another day
would fly at you?


A writer's repast:

For her bedtime snack last night, Ramona asked if she could please have a hot fudge sundae with a Hershey bar on the side.

Works for me.

For me, I said. Alas, she had to choose one or the other.


Her descriptive powers continue to develop:

"Mommy, when you're chewing this gum and you drink milk, it makes your mouth sizzle with flavor! It makes the roof of your mouth feel just like a candy cane!"


On homeschooling and lunch:

"I'm so glad we homeschool! You just never know what they might give you to eat in those places."


Patience said...

She is such a card! It must be wonderful fun, living with her :-)

Liz said...

Hey, she's right! The quality of school lunches has definitely deteriorated since our era. Now they have to be "kid friendly" which means lots of chicken fingers, burgers, pizza and tacos instead of some of the more balanced school lunches we got in high school. I have to say though, until high school I had lunch at home even though I wasn't homeschooled. That was the era when they gave kids an hour for lunch and only the "bus" kids (or the few kids with working moms)stayed at school. It wouldn't work now, and the meals the schools provide (or fast food chains provide) are more geared to the children whose mothers rarely cook. At least that's the case in the schools I know. I've talked in recent years with relatives who worked in school cafeterias and they say that the things we got for lunch would never fly with this generation of kids because they simply aren't familiar with things like baked macaroni and cheese, meat loaf, etc. Even college dining hall menus are far different than what was available when I was in college. We got standard roasted meats, baked potatoes and vegetables along with a fresh salad bar. Now there's a preponderance of French fries, burgers, etc. and the salad bar has generally been sitting around for hours. All to allow for the cafeteria to operate continuously rather than at set meal times.I'm sure Ramona's home cooked meals are far healthier and yummier as well.