Sunday, June 08, 2008

Even Lazier (and you didn't think that was possible) Monkey Bread

I've posted several times before about the extremely easy monkey bread that we make.

It's gotten even easier. The recipe is here, and here's the change: Instead of that pesky business in which you mess up a whole mixing bowl, you can mix this stuff right in the pan.

Yup. Just put the biscuits directly into the pan, pour the melted butter over them, sprinkle on the sugar mixture and stir it all up. Rearrange it a bit to get one even layer (you had to do that anyway) and pop them in the oven.

I know I may seem just a little too enamored of shortcuts in the kitchen, but I blame it on my dishwasherless status. I am all about fewer bowls.


Jennifer said...

We hand wash here too - my #1 priority when planning meals is to minimize the number of dirty dishes. Don't tell anyone, but I was so happy when I read "Little House in the Highlands" because the children all ate out of one bowl and I had been making my children eat like that for a long time.
That sounds like a perfect Sunday morning recipe, Karen! To be served on paper plates! :)

Danae said...

From another mom who also is INCREDIBLY stingy about how many dishes we use (also dishwasherless) I love this post! Thanks! :)

Emily said...

Yum! I too have to handwash dishes, and I love any recipe that uses as few dishes as possible! I'm off to make this for dh's Father's Day breakfast.