Monday, April 07, 2008

Ramona says:

"Life is really harder than it looks."

A friend of mine responded to that with:

"But not always as hard as we make it."

I think both are true.

Don't make things too hard today, and may God give you grace to deal with the stuff that's harder than it looks.


Jennifer said...

Your friend and Ramona both sound like very wise ladies. ;) Hope all of your plans today go smoothly!

Karen E. said...

My friend is brilliant. ;-)

Beck said...

Both of those things are so very, very true..

Eileen said...

Thanks, Karen--it's always so worthwhile to come here!

I asked a few posts back what we're all going to do when that little Ramona grows up...but it looks like she'll just keep spouting wisdom every step of the way!

May God bless you and your day today--as usual, you've blessed mine!