Sunday, March 09, 2008

Movie night

It never fails.

Just when I'm feeling pretty good about the world in general, I walk into a video store and -- based on the covers alone -- despair over the state of humanity. Egads, there are some true horrors among those new releases.

But, still, there are shards of hope, lovely things to pull from the shelves and take home (yes, we're the last known humans not ordering videos from the comfort of our home, via Netflix) and gaze upon, worlds in which to immerse ourselves for the evening, helping us to forget that the cover of "Saw, Part Whatever" is lurking out there.

Becoming Jane was sweet, lovely and quite romantic, if perhaps historically inaccurate and very sad. But, the best part is, I have a husband who said, "Do you want to watch Becoming Jane?"

Oh, yes, my dear. I did.

And, if only Jane Austen had found her own Atticus, who knows what might have become of her? She might have been too continually charmed to write all those books.


Leonie said...

I saw ths at the cinema with friends - it was one friend's 40h birthday. Lovely.

Melissa Wiley said...

Or too busy raising little ones! :) :) :)

Scott and I just watched this movie Friday night, proving once again how sympatico we are with you & Atticus. Which reminds me, I keep meaning to go put Truly Madly Deeply on our Netflix queue. I have been meaning to do that for MONTHS, ever since your review.

Jennifer said...

It's rare I can say "I've seen that!" but I did and it was lovely and horribly sad.

Danae said...

Karl and I watched it recently and we were not fans until she redeemed herself by making the right choice at the end of the film. Then, it won us over.

Cmerie said...

First, I also still rent movies at the video store, and although we've though about Netflix, we've not yet made that plunge. (Although we probably should, then I could remember all those movies I've been wanting to see).

Second, I recently watched this movie and really enjoyed it as well. One of those gems in between all the yuck!