Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Daylight Savings Time

So, I need another cup of this:

and some of this:

and more of this:

And a few more of these:

And, I have no idea why someone would take one of these when you could enjoy another cup of this:

I hate despise do not care for Daylight Savings Time. It is stupid asinine not really necessary in these modern, well-lit times.

Not to mention debilitating. Did I mention it's debilitating? Do we need this self-inflicted torture? Do any of us need less sleep?

Oh, don't get me started, because after that many cups of coffee, I may never stop spouting my opinion.

Pass the coffeepot.

3/11/08 Edited to add:

You must visit Jen, and read her thoughts on DST here and here.

Anne-with-an-e, looking over my shoulder just now, said, "Mom, is Jen always this amusing?"
"Yes!" I said emphatically. She is. Amusing, intelligent, informative and moving. And I'm not being paid a thing to say any of that. She just is.


Cmerie said...

I agree with you. That's one of the reasons I have enjoyed our move to Arizona where we don't...ahem...celebrate Daylight Savings Time. :)

patience said...

I posted a comment but it disappeared so forgivemes up twice ...

You certainly don't want to live in my country. Last year they added an extra week of daylight savings time!! Obscene. It's probably one reason why I can never really write over summer. I feel too guilty sending my child to bed in bright sunlight, so she stays up late and I'm too exhausted to do anything by the time she finally goes to bed.

patience said...

No, I haven't invented a new word, "forgivemes". Apparently Blogger is having its wee joke with me this morning. I wanted to say, "forgive me if it comes up twice," but it didn't, so you can have this second comment from me instead. ;-)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Ha! I am so totally with you, sister!

Except--big shuddery sigh here--I gave up the strong stuff for Lent...and you can bet that my sad little cup of half-caf does NOT cut it on days like today.

michelle waters said...

It's definitely doing a number on us this week too!

KC said...

Yes, it's torture! It really is. We need to start a movement to stop this insanity. ;)

Karen E. said...

Patience, they've added time here, too. This year it's the earliest it's ever been and it's maddening. Thank you to the rest of you for your empathy. :-)

Beck said...

Today has been better but the first two days - bah!