Thursday, February 07, 2008

What Ramona is giving up for Lent

Ramona: "I'm going to give up hanging off the kitchen cupboard door."

Betsy: "Wait a minute -- I thought you were going to give up whining."

Ramona: "No. I gave up whining when I have to put socks on. But that was this morning. Now I'm giving up hanging off the cupboard."

Anne-with-an-e: "It's not fair to God if you keep changing what you're giving up."

Ramona: "Well, I won't change it anymore. I'm giving up hanging off cupboards, and every time I feel like doing it, but don't, I get to put a bean in the jar."*


That's that.

*Sacrifice Jar

There are different versions of this all over the place, but here's what we do: Put out an empty jar and a bowl of dried beans. For every sacrifice, prayer, act of kindness or penance performed, the kids put a bean in the jar.

On Easter morning, the beans will be replaced with jelly beans and M&Ms, reminding us that the rewards of Heaven will be sweet!

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Exspectantes said...

What a great idea! I had never heard that before. Thanks for sharing:)