Sunday, February 17, 2008

Speaking of Alice Gunther and the Family-Centered Learning Conference

Okay, so maybe I was speaking only of Alice Gunther in my last post and hadn't mentioned the Family-Centered Learning Conference.

Mea culpa.

I'm mentioning it now, so you can circle the date in permanent ink on your calendar.

Michele Quigley, of The Family-Centered Life, Mater Amabilis, and The Catholic Woman's Daily Planner, is hosting what promises to be a fun and dynamic conference on July 26, 2008, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Alice Gunther is the featured speaker, and there will also be talks given by Margot Davidson, Mary Ellen Barrett and Meredith Henning.

Are you going?

I'm going!

Atticus wants to meet Gettysburg and I want to meet all of the above-mentioned dynamos, and my kids want to meet the dynamos' kids (some of whom have been their penpals for a long time now.) We'll all be happy!

So, plan to get happy. Plan on Lancaster in July.


Liz said...

Oh, man, so close and yet so far away. I would love to go to Lancaster and actually meet you in person, and I'd do it, it if weren't for one teeny, tiny problem. You see there's this wedding on August 2 that has me in the role of mother of the bride, and something tells me that July 26th is not going to be the time for me to be hours and hours away in Pennsylvania. What a disappointment! You are so seldom even 12 hours away, yet there's no way I can do it this time. I'm even going to miss Defending the Faith again this year because it too comes too close to the wedding of the year. Besides there's this other wedding that I have to go to in Missouri in June... This appears to be the summer of the weddings and everything else, even meeting friends from afar, has to be put on hold. Perhaps Atticus will get a yen to do the Freedom Trail in Boston someday... That's only 4 hours away and I could probably make that (although, again probably not late July/early August of this year...)

Jessica said...

OH! It sounds WONDERFUL!! I wish I wasn't on the other side of the country... I'm going to start watching flights and maybe I'll find a great deal!!! If not, do you know if it will be available on DVD??? God Bless!

Atticus said...

Liz, there are Red Sox fans in Boston. eeewwww!

Liz said...

There are Red Sox fans in Vermont too, but you'd be safe as long as you didn't wear Yankee hats... Actually there are some Yankee fans in Vermont too, although I doubt there are many in Boston... But don't miss the Old North Church and the site of Make Way For Ducklings just because you're afraid of being too near Fenway. There's also a really neat aquarium and the MTA (remember the song, "Did he ever return, no he never returned and his fate is still unlearned, He will ride forever neath the streets of Boston, he's the man who never returned."). Seriously if you are a fan of Melissa's Little House books and Paul Revere's Ride, etc. there is so much to see around Boston (and it's actually one of the nicer cities around other than the horrible drivers). Plymouth Plantation and the Mayflower are close by. You really should do Boston sometime.