Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Treasures

Last year, we were the recipients of a lovely honor. Our friends, Les and Leisa, sent us a letter announcing that we were among their "Thanksgiving Treasures."

Every year, each member of the family (mom, dad, and the four kids) chooses someone to be a "Thanksgiving Treasure." They send a letter to their treasure, explaining that they are grateful for that person's presence in their lives. They take the time to detail the things that make their friend special, and let the chosen treasure know that he or she will be prayed for nightly, as a candle is lit in the Les-and-Leisa home each night until Christmas.

Leisa explained that they came up with "Our Thanksgiving Treasures" to teach their children to hold onto that Thanksgiving gratitude and not let it get lost in the holiday rush. (And can I just say right now that I cried when I read their letter?)

I'd love to say that I followed up on this idea so completely that we have established our own Thanksgiving Treasure tradition. We haven't. Yet.

But, the beauty of this idea is that it's not too late. Les and Leisa's goal -- to carry the gratitude of Thanksgiving well beyond Turkey Day -- means that we can be reminded of our blessings all through Advent, too.

So, leave those Thanksgiving Trees up and get started on those letters!

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