Sunday, September 09, 2007

Catch-up blogging

Some good stuff I've been meaning to get to:

Barry Michaels, along with Pauline Books, is sponsoring a Student Essay Contest, . Visit Barry's website to get all the details.

Jeff and Emily Cavins have great ideas for Family Night activities based on each Sunday's Mass readings, with tie-ins from the Catechism, and fun food ideas as well.

The Love2Learn: Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers website has been getting an overhaul, and Alicia Van Hecke and her technical wizards should be proud. It's an amazing site, full of so much good info and I'm humbled and honored to be even the tiniest part of it (I am not any part of the technical stuff, of course ... no, no, no. I'm just in awe of them over all that.)

I'm still trying to catch up on Amy Welborn's old blog (how does she do it?) but her new one -- Charlotte was Both -- is highly enjoyable.

If you aren't a homeschooler, and if you don't live in Omaha, Nebraska, you may not care about this, but if you are and you do, take note: The Omaha Homeschool Learning Center (run by dear friends of mine who were instrumental in my conversion) is an amazing grace for homeschooling parents. I wish we had one in my town, because it offers the kind of supplemental stuff I'd be keen to take advantage of. Not only that, I'm just so happy for my friends, who have made this center -- which was at one time "just a dream" -- a reality.

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