Friday, June 15, 2007

Poetry Friday

Visit The Simple and the Ordinary for the Poetry Friday Round-up today.

Gotta love the new "Mr. Linky" way of doing things.

I linked to this poem by Betsy, who has announced, "Mommy, I decided to be a poet when I grow up."

And, she has also already experienced the anguish of being a writer:

"Oh, Mom! This latest poem I tried to write ... it came out sounding like one of Ramona's little books:

The lion this,
the lion that,
blah, blah, blah ... it doesn't sound like a poem at a-a-a-all!" she wailed.

Welcome to the writing world, my sweet, where the words don't always flow ... but keep writing anyway. They'll come, they'll come. In their own good time, they'll come.


Margaret Mary Myers said...

Ah, yes, sometimes the words don't flow...and other times you think the words flowed but you never know what anyone thought of what you wrote. Being a writer one has to be tough, but one can't be tough and be a writer. I remember reading that even Madeleine L'Engle experienced this. :) May your daughter continue to love writing. What a wonderful love it is, it's own reward.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

P.S. (Speaking of feedback about what you've written), I almost forgot to say: I loved your daughter's poem!!