Thursday, February 08, 2007

Homemaking meme

Last night, as I was making dinner and mucking up what should have been an easy soup, it occurred to me that there's a reason no one has tagged me for the homemaking meme that's going around.


I'm going to do it anyway.

Aprons – Y/N
Sometimes. Sometimes it's an Alton Brown "I'm Just Here for the Food" apron, and sometimes it's a really cute, Christmas-y one that my dear friend Heather made for me. If I'm cooking with the girls, we all put on the aprons that Heather made for us. I wish I were a Heather.

Baking – Favorite thing to bake:
Chocolate chip cookies. (Oh, wait. Did you say to bake? Or to make in order to eat some dough?)
And brownies. (Assuming they are frosted.)

Clothesline – Y/N?
Yes, but I don't use it enough.

Donuts – Have you ever made them?
No! Alice said that pans full of hot oil scare her. Ditto. I don't even like to fry hamburger.

Every day – One homemaking thing you do every day:
Dishes by hand.

Freezer – Do you have a separate deep freeze?
Yes. I love it. If you had told me twenty years ago that there would come a day in my life when I would use "love" and "my deep freeze" in the same sentence, I would have been very frightened about what my future held.

Garbage Disposal – Y/N?
No. :-/

Handbook – What is your favorite homemaking resource?
You guys.

Ironing – Love it or hate it?
I hate thinking about it. Actually doing it is never as bad as I think it will be, but I so hate the thought of it that I don't do it enough. I guess we're rumpled.

Junk drawer – Y/N? Where is it?
I have a junk basket. It's on top of the fridge.

Kitchen: Design & Decorating?
Am I supposed to decorate in here?

(No, really, I do want to change it, because the previous owner's taste is not mine, though it's pretty neutral. But I'm not sure what to do with it.)

Love – What is your favorite part of homemaking?
The opportunity, luxury, and blessing of being home with my favorite people in the whole wide world.

Mop – Y/N?
I don't understand the question. Do I own a mop? Yes. How often do I use it? Well, I know I chose to do this meme, but some things are quite personal ....

Nylons – Wash by hand or in the washing machine?
I don't have enough affection for them to wash them by hand.

Oven – Do you use the window or open the oven to check?
I do both, depending on what's in there.

Pizza – What do you put on yours?
Pepperoni and green olives. Sometimes we do a white pizza -- chicken and alfredo sauce.

Quiet – What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
Write. Think. Pray. And -- I never thought I'd say this -- knit.

Recipe card box – Y/N?
Yes. A gift from Atticus a few years back, when I asked for one. I recently organized it and now I use it quite a bit.

Style of house –

Tablecloths and napkins – Y/N?
Tablecloth, sometimes, for company. Paper napkins.

Under the kitchen sink – Organized or toxic wasteland?
It's an organized land of toxic waste.

Vacuum – How many times per week?
A couple.
Break up fights related to vacuuming -- how many times a week?
A couple.
(No, not that they fight over who gets to do it ... it's things like, "She wouldn't move when I had to vacuum that spot!")

Wash – How many loads of laundry do you do per week?
I've never counted. I do some laundry from start to finish each day, as I don't like to let it pile up.

X’s – Do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?

Yard – Y/N? Who does what?
Yes. We love our yard. Atticus does almost everything out there, including the garden. My job out there is to play with the kids and say things like, "I think we should try growing something new in our garden...."

Zzz’s – What is your last homemaking task for the day before going to bed?
Turn off the space heater next to the computer, and kiss my husband, and thank him for thinking that the soup I thought I'd mucked up was delicious.

(Soup photo thanks to Image Chef.)


Jennifer said...

I like you more and more every time I click over here. That was fun!

Anonymous said...

So sorry no one tagged you! I enjoyed reading your meme. :)

Atticus said...

We love our yard.

Hate yarding, love having yarded.

Kimberlee said...

You guys are too funny - 'love having yarded'! Thsnks for sharing!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

The only reason that I didn't tag you for this meme was the secret knowledge (now being made public) that I would tag you for everything, if I could, and comment on every single post that you write, if I could, were it not for the latent fear of appearing even more obsessive-compulsive than I already do.

Enough said?

Delightful meme. Are you sure it wasn't Minnesota Me who can claim responsibility for all this wit and vivacity by having tagged you?

Karen E. said...

Thanks, guys. I hope no one thinks I really felt that bad for not being tagged. After all, I *never* tag anyone ... I always cheat and say, "If you're reading this, you're tagged." But, Margaret, yes, I think you can claim credit, because when I read your meme, I thought, "Oh, surely Margaret *meant* to tag me. She just forgot ... she went to lie down for just a moment, and ... well, you know the rest. :-)