Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It wasn't Alton after all

Ramona brought me her tiny plastic toaster. The edges looked a little rough, as if it had been scraped with something.

"Mommy, look what happened to this."

"Hmmm ... what happened?"

"Well, I was rubbing a lot of toy food over it, and it got like this."

"Oh ... well, why were you rubbing food over it?"

"It was my zester."

Now, the average cooking mom would think, "Oh, isn't that sweet? She's remembering things I taught her when we were together in the kitchen. She knows what 'zesting' means. What a good mommy I am. I'm really doing well."

But, I (not thinking of myself as the model cooking mom) thought this: "Oh, my. We really have been watching too much Food Network."

As I recounted the whole thing to Atticus, I remembered that I actually had zested something with Ramona, and perhaps she really did pick up on that from me, and not from Alton Brown.

I asked her, "Where did you learn about zesting?" and she answered, "From you, Mommy. From Lucia bread."

Oh, joyous day! This sometimes-domestically-challenged mom is actually passing on a few things culinary and domestic to her daughters after all.

I'm off for a zestful day.


Suzanne Temple said...

That's so sweet!

Jennifer said...

Perfect Ramona story!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Congrats, Karen!

Jennifer said...

Hmmph. I thought of you and Ramona in the store yesterday. I was buying Scallops and Marianna wouldn't stop tugging at my arm - "Mom, are those fresh? Did Alton say clear liquid or milky? I don't know if we should buy those, Mom." and on and on...

Karen E. said...

It's sad, isn't it, Jennifer? :-)

But, I have to say, I usually trust Alton much more than I trust myself in the kitchen. ;-)