Saturday, December 23, 2006

Early Christmas presents

Some gifts don't come in packages.

They are, instead:

moments of discovery,
days of delight,
true love expressed as a gift of time,
unexpected phone calls.

A gift from my children: Breakfast with the dolls. (Ramona's doll clearly opting
for the more casual,
trough-style approach to her meal.)

A gift from Atticus:
He took the children out for a couple of hours this morning so that I could do whatever I wanted. Whatever I wanted. After I did what I needed to do with kids' presents, my plans involved coffee, reading, catching up at 4Real, and making a hat for Ramona, with one of these, to which I just may get addicted.

A gift from Margaret:
She called me. Eeek!
I was delighted.

My day of gifts was complete.


Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas Karen! Sending love from Texas.

Karen E. said...

A very merry Christmas to you, too, Jennifer!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

And here I thought the pleasure was all mine! ;)

Have a blessed Christmas, my friend!

PS. I love the picture of the trough-style breakfast, by the way.

Karen E. said...

I thought you could appreciate that, Margaret. :-)

And Jennifer, we got another gift -- your wonderful card! Thank you!