Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Donkey's Dream

Or, "how literature teaches us beautiful things."

Yesterday, I told Ramona, "We get to go to Mass, to celebrate Mary's Immaculate Conception!"

She replied, "Oh, yes! Mary -- the ship! The rose!"

And I realized that she was recalling the images of Mary from Barbara Helen Berger's lovely book, The Donkey's Dream, which introduces children to traditional imagery for the Blessed Virgin.

For more about the imagery (a city, a ship, a fountain, a rose, a lady full of heaven) in this exquisitely illustrated book, see this link at the author's website.

For more indepth information, see this excellent article from Ignatius Insight.


Jennifer said...

First, I never would have guessed what that book was about and so never would given it a second thought. Second, we were planning a "Mary" book made up of past Christmas cards and drawn symbols. I just needed someone (you) to do all the prep work for me. :) Thank you!!

meredith said...

We read this book yesterday too as I thought it was so appropriate for this Feast, there's also an awesome video!! How sweet Ramona is! Blessings!

Kristen Laurence said...

Thank you for sharing this book! Your recommendations (as well as those from other Real Learning blogs) help me as I slowly increase our children's library to prepare for homeschooling. Couldn't do it without the help of you ladies!

Rebecca said...

I really have to read that book since both you and Meredith recommended it. It sounds wonderful!

BTW, Just today did I figure out the Bloglines thing and realized that I had missed a whole slew of your posts. Now I will check even if there is nothing on Bloglines.