Sunday, September 03, 2006

Things I said today

While getting ready for Mass:

"No, I'm sorry, you can't wear that. You've outgrown it. Didn't that fit you a month ago?"
"You can't wear those socks to Mass."
"Ramona, I'm sorry, you can wear the dangly earring in the van, but it has to come off before we go in to Mass."

As the kids played after dinner:

"Betsy ... just a wee bit less shrieking, please."
"Betsy ... could you kick it down a notch?"
"Betsy ... could you quiet it down just a bit?"

During bedtime prayers:

"Ramona, it's time to stop that."
"Ramona, you will need to move if you and Betsy cannot stop that."
"Ramona, it's time to stop running."
"Ramona, stop. Please don't lick Mommy's face during prayers. Ummm ... please don't lick Mommy's face at all."


Liz said...

Sounds like a 6th grade parochial school classroom I was once in charge of. Although, I don't recall anyone licking faces....

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I'm doing well if I remember to say "Please Don't" when my face gets licked. Ew. I cannot abide by face-licking but sometimes I swear my daughter is part cat.

And you know, she thinks this is perfectly normal.