Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kid stuff

Ramona was listening to a song the other night (I can't remember what it was ... a VBS cd? Raffi? Happy Tappin' with Elmo?) and I started to sing along. She said,

"No, Mommy. That song is only for kids. You can sing your God songs, but not this."


The definition of our geeky family:

Anne-with-an-e: "Mom, I was reading the dictionary the other night, and ...."


Back when I was reading the Charlotte books aloud, there was a scene in which Charlotte was feeling angry at God.

Ramona: "Well, there's no need for that. We can always love Jesus."


Anonymous said...

Now those are my girls! Aunt Nancy

Jennie C. said...

You mean, other people don't read the dictionary?

Atticus said...

Man, that is one nutty family!

Anonymous said...

The nut doesn't fall to far from the tree teacher man!

Karen E. said...

Yes, that was for you, Aunt Nancy. :-)

Jennie, I've *heard* that other people don't read the dictionary, but I can't actually fathom it ....

Dawn said...

Karen, I love this post!

My youngest *always* tells me "No sing, Mama!" if I dare to pipe up.

My oldest reads the dictionary for fun. I'm glad we're not the only geeky ones!

Ramona's response to the Charlotte book is just precious. :)