Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One more about Alton

Here's a great piece, which I read at the dentist's office yesterday, that he wrote for Guideposts magazine.

He ends with:

So go off the main road. Be givers of hospitality and gracious takers of it too. Accept the serendipitous moments of life because, when all is said and done, you may find out that they were not serendipitous at all.

And that brings me to my next post.


Kristina's World said...

I read this article at the dentist, too last week! I wanted to show it to my husband and it was not online. Now you have posted that is is the Weekly Featured Article. I never would have known if you had not posted this. Thanks so much :-).

Here is my favorite part of the article:
A good meal should offer both physical and spiritual nourishment. That’s why I believe the Last Supper is at the heart of Christianity, perhaps its central moment. When Christ broke bread with his disciples and reminded them to do it in remembrance of him, he was showing them the way to both earthly and heavenly sustenance. The simplest moment can be the most profound. Christ unites with his disciples through food that is both sacred and real.

Another reason to applaud Alton Brown!

K said...

We love Alton Brown around here. My kids watch the food network constantly. In fact, my 4 year old says he wants to watch Emro. People think he is trying to say "Elmo", but he is really trying to pronounce Emeril!

We haven't had the chance to see Feasting yet, but look forward to it soon!