Friday, August 04, 2006

Nighttime with Ramona

Ramona was up last night, which means that I was up last night. I was feeling a little sorry for myself, for being awakened as often as I am (we seem to be a sleep-challenged family all around. There doesn't have to be a newborn in sight for me to up quite a bit during the night.) So, there I was, out of my comfortable, cozy bed, walking my little daughter back to her room in the dark.

It was deliciously cool enough to have all the windows in the house open, and as Ramona and I walked softly and silently, hand in hand, she said, in a near-whisper, "It's so nice, isn't it, Mama, to hear the crickets?"

Oh, my. The self-pity melted away.

Yes, my dear, sweet, unbelievable, darling and miraculous little gift from God, yes. It was so nice to hear the crickets.

And it was especially nice to hear them with Ramona.

(Photo is by Christopher Potter, by way of Stock.Xchng)


Molly said...

You literally brought tears to my eyes with that one. (Gee, thanks. ;-)

What a precious little girl your Ramona is!

Theresa said...

Sometimes children see life with a simple clarity that takes us grownups by surprise. What a sweet little one you have!

jennifer said...

Beautiful, Karen! Makes me appreciate those cicadas sounding off this morning. (We've never heard cicadas on this island before!) Boy, are they loud!

Barry Michaels said...

I'll add my thanks ... from a dad who has been up more often than he would like with little ones lately! It will not be so hard next time.

Karen E. said...

Thanks, to all of you.