Thursday, August 24, 2006

Logic with Ramona

She was playing with a Tinker Toy sword that she and Betsy had made the other day. We'd had a four year old boy over to play, and he, Ramona and Betsy spent a good part of the day playing pirates.

As I prepared dinner, Ramona pointed her stick toward my face and said, "Aaarrrr!" I firmly told my pirate that she should not point that thing in anyone's face, as she might poke someone in the eye.

As she retreated, she said, "Well, it's a sword."

Oh. Yeah. They're supposed to put eyes out. I'm such a spoilsport.

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Ron R said...

For a period, Emma would often be quite offended when we told her something that amounted to, 'Be careful with that.' It occured to me that to her it might seem as though we were implying that she was incompetent.

I changed my approach. For example, if she's using something she might spill, I bring her the things she needs to catch and or clean up a spill. This has worked so well that sometimes she will go get the things herself. It's a very interesting transformation in logic to observe.