Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Saints, family and Toy Story

Check out Barry Michaels' new blog, Cloud of Witnesses. It's about saints -- both those who have been canonized by the Church and the little ones Barry is raising at home.

It's a really lovely blog that combines great information on the saints with a loving dad's pictures of his kids.

The Toy Story reference? Apparently someone at Barry's house watched it recently.


WJFR said...

Thanks for that link, Karen! It is a keeper.

Barry Michaels said...

Thanks to both of you -- wjfr and Karen -- for the encouraging words. Come visit any time!
Barry Michaels

Minnesota Mom said...

As I was scrolling past this entry I thought it said, "Check out Barry MANILOW'S website" and I'm thinking, "Okay, Karen, where are you sending us now?!" (Trusting you implicitly as I do...)


Margaret in Minnesota

Karen E. said...


That is too funny! I promise not to send you to Barry Manilow. :-)