Thursday, July 13, 2006

How's The Plan going?

Waaaay back in June, I talked about The Plan. In preparation for the coming school year, I want to sort through and declutter our book collection, to see how many resources we already actually own that will help us achieve our goals.

So far, I am happy to announce -- Ta Da! -- that I've gotten through Science, History, Art, and the Arts and Crafts categories. All the science related books are on one shelf (err, well, most of them. I could never actually pull all the books out of my kids' rooms just for the sake of organization. That would border on being abusive, wouldn't it?)

The same is true for the other "subjects", though I'm loathe to divide life into subjects. Life and learning are simply too integrated to break them down that way. But, generally, I have been able to group like-minded books together (do books have minds? Yeah, I think they do ....) and begin a little planning. Here's what has been decided.

Scientifically speaking, the girls want to learn more about:

Genetics, cells, and DNA
Food chains and Ecosystems
Solar System
Plants and birds

We can cover all of this with books we own or can get from the library.

Historically speaking, they want to head back in time to:

World War I
World War II
Medieval times

(Ummm, yes, this is pretty broad, and more planning and narrowing is needed here. We have some resources that will cover this, but the library will also be heavily used. I may have to purchase a few books.)

Mathematically speaking:

They'd like to skip it. They won't be doing that.

Linguistically speaking:

I haven't reviewed this area yet, but it's one area I don't stress a lot about. I'll do some planning, but reading and writing happen fairly naturally around here.

Artistically speaking:

I'll get back to you. The books are in one place, but plans haven't been discussed.

The Plan marches on.


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to skip math also! And I still haven't figured out the x's and y's of algebra so why should my nieces have to? Aunt Nancy

Amy said...

Congratulations on keeping to "the plan"! Looks good so far. :)

Dawn said...

Karen, you and I are on the same wavelength! Well, except for the math - I side with your girls on that one. ;) Well, I would if I could ...

meredith said...

This sounds like a great plan!! Can we come to your school, :) Hope you're having a great summer too!!