Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ever have one of those days ...

... wherein four people and a cat all want to talk to you at the same time and you haven't even brushed your teeth yet?

... wherein three people (the cat seems to have given up and the husband really just wanted to be sweet and say good morning) are clamoring for your attention and you haven't even stepped into the shower yet?

... wherein once you do step into the shower, three people come in to the bathroom and talk to you?

... wherein one of those people (the four-year-old one who shall remain nameless) steps into the shower with you, because -- really, now -- why on earth would you want to be alone in the shower? And then while you're lathering the nameless one's hair, two other people come in to ask if we're going swimming today and will our friends be there and what's for dinner tonight?

Ever have one of those?

Want one?

I know just the people to provide you with it.


Molly said...

That made me smile. Too cute. :-)

Amy said...

LOL, I can relate! Dh and I were joking other day about women having 40,000 words they need to use up in a day - so that means being at home with four little women I'm bombarded by 160,000 words a day. :)

Cay in La. said...

Ah, yes! The good ol' days. :)

Liz said...

Well, no not really, (my oldest was a boy after all!), but if you'd like to ship them to me I could use some little people for a change. A four year old would really brighten my life up right about now.

Now I know you'd never really ship them off. But, treasure these moments while you have them. All too soon they'll be off in apartments of their own and never bother you in the shower again.