Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Looking out for her big sister

Clearly, it's been noticed in our house that I'm the kind of mom who often likes to preview things before the kids read them.

Today, after putting Ramona off a couple of times as I finished some laundry and dishes, I was finally ready to sit down and play the card game she had requested. I called her, and she walked into the kitchen, book in hand, flipping through the pages.

"Are you ready for our game?" I asked her.

"Just a minute," she said. "I just wanna real quick pwe-view this book and see if it's appopwiate for Anne."


Alice said...

She is perfect! Too funny!!!!!!!!!!

Ron R said...

Yes, they often come back to haunt you ;)

Karen E. said...

They ALWAYS come back to haunt you.