Monday, May 01, 2006

Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

The intercession of St. Joseph for our family has been an enormous blessing. I believe he has prayed for us through Atticus's conversion, through miscarriages, doubts, fears about more miscarriages (which can lead to fears of being open to life) and for the spiritual growth of our domestic church.

My dear St. Joseph is the model husband and father ... giving of himself completely, pouring himself out in body and spirit, offering a total self-donation for his wife and foster-son. May he hear our prayers and cries for intercession, and may he intercede before the throne of God for our family, all fathers, and all who call on him with love and faith in the Savior whom he raised.

(The above image is Georges de La Tour's "Christ in the Carpenter's Shop", 1645)


Alice said...

Happy Feast, Karen!

St. Joseph the worker, pray for us!

Karen E. said...

And to you, Alice!