Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Weekly Milk Cup

Betsy is now a cub reporter, thanks to our American Girl History Club and the Kit books. Our project for the next meeting has the girls writing articles about happenings in their lives, history, or whatever other scoop a savvy reporter might dig up.

Yesterday, under a grueling deadline, Betsy pounded out (on our old manual typewriter) her report on the February flood in the basement, Holy Week happenings, and the start of spring soccer.

She has dubbed her newspapers "The Weekly Milk Cup" and "The Daily Egg." Anne-with-an-e (ever the big sister and perhaps a savvy editor-in-the-making) is concerned that Betsy's taken on too much with her ambitions for two separate publications.

Time will tell. Watch this spot for further developments on this story.

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