Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The good, the bad and the ER

The good:

* Another shopping trip with my kids (in which Betsy acquires a delightful little Only Hearts Club doll, spending her own money in that way that only a second-born can.)

* Ramona's explanation of the game she was playing with Anne and Betsy, which involved Barbie dolls and bungie cords: "They're super-heroes, Mommy. They rock-climb to rescue people. But my girl doesn't like to go up high. She's scared of airplanes, so she relies on other things [Editor-Mommy's note: At this point, I bite my lip, attempting not to betray my amusement at a 3-year-old using the phrase, "relies on other things"] to get up high in the air, like, ummm, ferris wheels, Scooby Doo castles and trees."

* Getting to go out for Chinese food with Atticus.

The bad:

* Another shopping trip with my kids, during which the pet store was still out of hamsters.

* Forgetting to write down about three other incredibly funny, cute things Ramona said.

* Ending up at the second-string Chinese restaurant because we forgot that our favorite one is closed on Tuesdays. Our favorite one is full of people who are kind and hospitable, has a beautiful, understated decor and bamboo-steamed-whatever-you-want. The one we ended up trying had a sour hostess, garish wallpaper and nothing was steamed (except perhaps the hostess. I hope her night got better.)

The E.R.:

* Mr. Putter decided to become Mr. Hyde and buried his claws in Betsy's head. He scratched very close to her eye, and when her eye kept "feeling funny" we took her to the ER. We were there from 10 p.m. till midnight, spending most if it, of course, waiting. The news was good (just a little scleral irritation, but the cornea was fine) but if I misspell anything today, or babble on (no wait -- that's normal) you'll know why.


Anonymous said...

Poor Betsy! That must not have been much fun for any of you. Can you believe how long it takes it ER? Glad everything came out alright! She gets an extra big hug next time!

Karen E. said...

No, it wasn't fun. And I know, I know ... further argument for a dog over a cat, eh? :-)

Anonymous said...

Was not going to mention that!!

Karen E. said...

I admire your restraint! ;-)