Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's raining memes

And, here are the ones I've been tagged for (and thanks to everyone who tagged me. From the bottom of the heart of a girl who was always chosen last for softball, thank you, she said, remembering how she used to stand in the outfield and pray -- even before she believed in God -- for the ball to end up anywhere but near her.)

Matilda tagged me as a rockin' girl blogger, and I'm rocked to the core.

In turn, I'm tagging these rockin' bloggers:

Sister Julie, at A Nun's Life.

Melanie, at The Wine-Dark Sea.

Kelly, at Big A little a.

Leonie, at Living Without School (check out the green boots).

Ruth, especially for taking the time to compile the Meezes (and, yes, I'm finally getting to mine ....) of lots of mommies.


Nutmeg tagged me with "A Picture of Now, Between Past and Future" and here are my answers:

1.a. Describe your outfit.

Black capris and a white t-shirt

b. What associations does the main color invoke?

The opposite colors make me think of the conflicting (can you say "schizophrenic"?) parts of me. I remember taking a personality inventory at work, years ago, and I was told they'd never seen an odder combination of traits. Hmmm ....

c. Is there a memory associated with this outfit (or part of it)?

Not a memory, just the overall impression of my wardrobe: scaled down and simple.

2.a. Are you listening to music?


b. Was this intentional?


c. What does the music make you remember?

The absence of it makes me remember that, as Nutmeg's tag line says, "It's not that easy, 'cause my time is often decided for me."

3.a. Describe the objects within arms' reach.

My coffee cup, a postcard from Belgium, the family wall calendar, a Willow Tree figurine holding a book, pages from Faith and Family offering ideas for July and August, my glasses, headphones, a stack of library receipts.

b. Choose one object and tell where you acquired it.

I bought the coffee cup for Atticus. It was on sale for $2, and I liked the shape of it -- the simple white cup, with the word "coffee" climbing up the side -- and thought he would think it was perfect. But, it's a little too feminine for his taste. (We once had a similar conversation about a water bottle. A water bottle, people.)

c. On the whole, are the objects new (memory blanks) or old (memory filled)?

Hmmmm ... these things are all part of my current life, or fairly recently given to me. Although, I have worn glasses since I was ten years old. Not the same pair continuously, mind you. I don't think pink cat-eyeswould become me now.

4.a. What room are you in?

The kitchen. We're experimenting with moving the computer in here. I like it.

b. To what extent is it yours?

Half-and half. I organize it, maintain it (mostly) and turn it into Learning Central. But, Atticus-the-Great handles the weekend and summer cooking, and I don't know if I've ever cleaned an oven in my life. Don't you love him?

c. What kind of memories will you have in the future of this room?

Great, great, great. Read-alouds, family meals, laughter ... it's all here.

5. What were you doing before starting this post, and what would you like to do next?

I was drinking coffee, reading some blogs, and thinking about how I shouldn't have chocolate for breakfast.

What I'd like to do next is drink coffee, read some blogs, and have breakfast.


And, finally, Renaissance Mom Kristen, at Small Treasures, tagged me to "play dress-up" with Meez. And, I came up with a really cute mom with a coffee cup (of course) and a snuggly room with a fire, but I can't get the Meezy thing to work. Arrgghh.

I'll try again soon, and then will be on the lookout for the next shower of memes!

Update: I got the Meez to export ... here I am, ready to settle in with a cup of coffee and a good book ....


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Go, Karen! I'm quite behind in the tag-you're-it department. Clearly, I'm not as much the Rockin' Girl Blogger as you! ;)

PS. The Meezy thing takes some time. Be patient. If I can get it to work anyone can.

nutmeg said...

That was great, Karen... way to knock it all out in one post!

(looking forward to your meez...)

Funny how you picked up on my tag line. It's an actual line from the BNL song "Life in a Nutshell". I thought it was painfully appropriate.


Kelly said...

Thanks, Karen :) I'm honored! I'll pass it along this weekend when I'm in a place with steady wireless.

Ruth said...

Wow! I'm honored to have been tagged by you. Thank you so much. But I think you are the one who really rocks! I love your blog, even though I don't get a chance to stop by as often as I'd like. Thank you.