Friday, April 27, 2018

Poetry Friday: Poetry Month Blues

Poetry Month Blues 
Karen Edmisten 

Another April -- Poetry Month! --
has slipped through my fingers.
Failed plans, lack of sharing ...
The guilt in me lingers.

"Next year will be different!"
I shout with conviction.
Really? Inner Me sneers,
A doubtful prediction. 

Who knows? Should I worry?
I think not. You see,
every Friday's poetry day.
That's just Weekly Me.


The Poetry Friday round up is hosted today by the amazing Irene Latham, at Live Your Poem.


Jane @ said...

YES! That's exactly how I feel - ever since I discovered the Poetry Friday community, I've been blessed with a fresh infusion of poetry each and every week. Poetry Month is every month for us!

Linda B said...

First, thanks for reading and commenting on my posts, Karen. I'm glad you enjoyed some of those that "connected". As for your April slipping through your fingers, the poem is great and heartfelt, but you shouldn't feel regret. We all have to set priorities. I gave up my March posting every day this year, after a lot of years. I just couldn't do it with all else I wanted to do. I enjoy "weekly you" every Friday!

Ruth said...

I agree! Maybe some day if I'm not teaching any more, I can be more involved, but April is such a busy month in the classroom...and yes, I do poetry all year!

Tabatha said...

Your sneery Inner Me made me smile, Karen, but I'm glad you decided not to worry :)

Kay said...

I can so relate! I enjoy what I can and try to let go of the rest. This year I'm writing every day, but I'm only choosing one poem to share on Fridays. That takes some of the pressure off--and I still get to enjoy the rest of the offerings, too!

Michelle Kogan said...

Your poem makes me feel better and gives me a laugh too. And we have your wonderful poem too, thanks!

Cheriee Weichel said...

At another time I am sure I could have written this poem. So far I have managed to keep on top of sharing a poem a day, but some days it's really hard. I discovered poetry Friday in the middle of it all, so I think it is worth while. Maybe I could manage a poem a poem a week? I do love reading everyone's posts.

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

No matter what you accomplished or not this poetry month, you ended it with a lovely poem! Thanks for sharing :)

Irene Latham said...

Yay for weekly YOU! :) The frenzy is not for everyone.. best to honor one's own path as you do in this poem. xo

jama said...

I agree with the sentiment of your clever poem. I love my weekly doses of poetry and try not to get too overwhelmed during April. Lots for the taking, but impossible to keep up. :)

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks for all the poetic love! :)
You guys are the best.

Mary Lee said...

Another HOORAY both for your poem and for the Poetry Friday community!