Thursday, April 06, 2017

Exciting Brave Writer News: I'm joining the team!

Julie Bogart's Brave Writer is an extraordinary writing program. More than that, Julie has always, through her method of teaching language arts, encouraged what she calls, "the Brave Writer lifestyle." That lifestyle has always resonated with me, an unschooly, Charlotte Mason-ish, John Holt-ish, But-I-Still-Like-to-Plan-ish and Writing-(Like-Life)-is-a-Process-ish kind of homeschooling mom.

So, when I heard that Brave Writer was looking for a few more teachers, I jumped to apply, though I didn't dream I'd actually have a shot at joining such a wonderful team. I'm happy to report that I'm on board, and I'll be teaching my first "Kidswrite Basic" class next month.

This link tells you more about how and why Brave Writer works, and this link explains the structure of Brave Writer's online classes.

Kidswrite Basic will run from May 8-June 16, and you can register here.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

That's wonderful, Karen! And might I say, a PERFECT fit.

Elizabeth Williams said...

I have never looked into Brave Writer but with this news I just might:).

Karen Edmisten said...

Thank you, Margaret, so kind of you to say!

Elizabeth, that's lovely! Thank you!

Kortney said...

Will you be teaching in the Summer term? I'd really like to learn with you!

Karen Edmisten said...

Kortney, I never answered this -- I'm sorry!

No, I won't be teaching a summer course, just this one for now, and then we'll be looking at future schedules. Are you taking Kidswrite Basic this summer?