Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meme Shortcuts

Lori passed on her "Versatile Blogger/Seven Things" meme, and I thought Haley tagged me for "11 Things" though I can't find my name on her list ... maybe I dreamed that part? (That's entirely possible. Probable, even.)

Anyway, I'm cheating/combining/answering Haley's questions, and throwing out seven things, too.

Haley's Questions:

1. What’s your favorite musical (I know, how to choose, right?!) If you don’t like musicals…oh, wait, that’s impossible because we couldn’t be friends.

It's a close call between Wicked and Les Miserables. I was so surprised that I liked Wicked, but I really loved it. 

2. Who is your patron saint or who would you choose if you don’t have one?

Mary Magdelene. I love her so. 

3. What literary character do you wish you were friends with in real life?

Anne Shirley. She would come over for currant wine and chit chat. Marilla would drop in too. And Matthew, because in the world in which I am friends with Anne, Matthew will never die. 

4. Are there any movies that you like better than the book they’re based on?

I can't say that To Kill a Mockingbird is better than the book, but it's a beautiful movie adaptation, and Gregory Peck is an almost-perfect Atticus Finch. 

5. What kind of monster/animal did you think lived under your bed when you were little?

A big, green hand. I have no idea what the rest of it looked like.

6. If you could live in any era, what would it be and why?

Edwardian. It's the dresses. I'm not even a dress person, really. But those dresses -- oh! 

7. Dogs or cats?

I have one of each, and I tend to complain more about the dog. But I love her lots.

8. Mountains or beach?


9. If you were trapped on a desert island with books from only one author, who would it be? (And no, you can’t just say “the Bible.”)

C.S. Lewis 

10. Your favorite book when you were a child:

Nothing classic -- I didn't even read some of the most wonderful stuff until I was an adult. One of my favorites was something from the Daytona Beach public library. We lived there when I was ten while my father was stationed in Korea. I read and reread a book about a woman who had twenty or thirty cats, one of them named Felicity. I vowed I would one day name a child (or a cat) of mine Felicity. (I did not do this.) 

11. Would you rather never be able to drink coffee again or never be able to eat dessert again?

Why don't you ask if I'd rather cut off my hands or my feet? But, okay, if I were forced to choose an answer to this sadistic question, I would choose to never eat dessert again. Coffee is my friend. My really, really close friend. 

Seven Things for Lori:

1. Speaking of the beach, my daughters will see the ocean this summer for the first time in their lives. This makes me profoundly happy.

2. I baked today. A batch of Snickerdoodles, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and two Winning Hearts and Minds cakes. I am awesome, or at least I get to think I am for these ten minutes during which I am basking in the glow of some pre-party prep for Anne's graduation.

3. I was born in Massachusetts.

4. I was a theater major for awhile. Atticus still says that theater majors don't know how to act when they're not acting. (But he married me anyway.)

5. Most of our furniture consists of hand-me-downs. But my sister, who handed much of it down, has excellent taste, so I really like the stuff she gave me and I don't mind a single bit. (I'm not very picky about that kind of thing anyway.)

6. Ramona, at this moment, is gluing tissue paper to a jar. This sort of thing makes her extremely happy.

7. I am not awesome about dinner and meal planning. Because I baked all day, it's no surprise that we will probably have carry-out pizza for dinner.


elm said...

I am reading and 'catching up'!! I had so much fun visiting with you at the egg farm and lunch afterwards. Somehow LIFE has taken a hold of us and I am not online all that much any more - let alone in Nebraska! Soon... soon... I hope! I need to get back to saying hello to the blog-o-sphere on others' blogs as well as my own!! :) I loved reading all of these funny little things here - and I love that your husband says that theater majors don't know how to act when they aren't acting. That's great!

Karen Edmisten said...

How lovely to hear from you! We had such fun visiting with you, too (though I remember feeling thoroughly embarrassed that I had no cash with me -- I live on plastic, and I forget that not every small town around here does the same!) :)

I was just thinking of you the other day, telling a friend about the egg farm. Popping over to your blog to catch up, too!