Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to A Wrinkle in Time

It's fifty years old!*


Here's an NPR story about the book, and here is one of my favorite L'Engle quotes: 

"You have to write the book that wants to be written. 
And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, 
then you write it for children." 

Rebecca Stead, author of the excellent When You Reach Me, gets it. In the NPR article, she says: 

"A Wrinkle in Time also asks these huge questions, really, about the universe, and good and evil, and the power of love, and all of this crazy science and complex ideas. It assumes that kids are able to think about all that stuff. I think that a lot of people forget that, or never realize it, but a children's book is really the best place to ask big questions. Our worlds get smaller as we get older," Stead says.

Here's a quick round-up of my past L'Engle posts:

Anne-with-an-e's review (written when she was 14) of A Ring of Endless Light.

Some great L'Engle quotes.
(Updated to note: I fixed the quote link and it should take you to the right location now. And, here's a link to every post in which I ever mentioned Madeleine L'Engle!)

My fangirl moment with Madeleine L'Engle.


And, from an online writing pal, Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda, here's a great interview from June, 2000 that ran in St. Anthony Messenger magazine.


*Ramona looked over my shoulder and said, "Wow, Mommy, you're older than A Wrinkle in Time." I said, "Yeah, honey, thanks for pointing that out," and she replied, "No problem. It's what I do best." 


Lindsay in NJ said...

Hi Karen,

The L'Engle quotes link isn't working. It is sending me to the Anne-with-an-E review. Lovely, but I'm trying to get to the other, especially after that great quote you used to begin today's entry!

Karen Edmisten said...

Lindsay, thanks so much for the heads up! I fixed the link -- I had too many tabs and links open. :) It should work now!

Danae said...

I love Rebecca Stead's quote about the book. So true! This makes me want to reread both A Wrinkle in Time AND When You Reach Me. Excellent books! I remember reading A Wrinkle in Time AT LEAST once a year every year I was in grade school and just loving it.

Karen Edmisten said...

Danae, I need to reread Wrinkle, too -- the girls just did, so I need to catch up. And I'd love to reread When You Reach Me as well!