Thursday, September 29, 2011

Homeschooling Notes: Ancient Egypt With Ramona

Ramona and I have been reading about ancient Egypt. This week, thanks to the Book of Artrageous Art Projects, we mummified Barbie. Here she is getting ready for her ceremonial wrapping, with some of her most treasured possessions (lovingly selected by Ramona) surrounding her: 

And here she is, properly wrapped (we skipped the cleaning, oiling, salting and 70 days of drying), surrounded by lip gloss, two cakes (one chocolate, one vanilla), butter, an egg, coins (bus fare, Ramona says), her driver's license, a hairbrush, a ponytail holder and a can of Coke: 

Princess Shopsalot (name thanks to the Klutz book) 
now rests in materialistic peace in her Ramona-decorated sarcophagus: 


The next photo has nothing to do with ancient Egypt, but is simply to show you that when Ramona decides to stage a Pet Beauty Pageant, Sydney not only wins, but is also named both Miss Congeniality and Miss Most-Patient-Dog-Evah. 


tanita davis said...


Man, I wish I'd known Ramona when my sister was a little younger. I would have mummified ALL of her Barbies.

Um, in the spirit of historical realism, of course.


Karen Edmisten said...

Tanita, as the Klutz book pointed out, we were able to skip the step in which we remove Barbie's brain, as "the manufacturer already did that for us."


Lady.Rosary said...

I haven't even thought about mummifying a barbie, what an idea! My daughter just do the ordinary stuff with her barbies. And the dog must have had the weirdest but greatest time :D